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Public Notices have been put up on noticeboards and at the Post Office to confirm that MPC have submitted our plan proposal to SHDC for our Designated Neighbourhood Plan Development Area.

SHDC is now consulting with residents and other interested stakeholders.  Consultation will last for six weeks from 20th February to 3rd April.

To view the full plan proposal please visit or download the documents below, alternately, if you wish to view a hard copy of the plan contact the Parish Clerk or a Councillor.

You can comment by emailing SHDC at, or send your response in writing to: Neighbourhood Planning, South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE. Please make any representations to the Council by 3rd April 2018.

The Reg 16 consultation gives a chance for people to comment on the version of the plan that is going to be examined. Neither the NP group nor the Local Planning Authority (SHDC) can change the plan in response to Reg 16 comments; instead all comments are forwarded to the examiner for his/her consideration alongside the submission version of the plan. He or she will then recommend modifications taking all Reg 16 comments into account if it is thought necessary.  The consultation gives interested parties a final chance to say if any concerns they had earlier in the process have been addressed, and whether they think the plan meets the basic conditions.

  1. Malborough's Neighbourhood Plan 2014 - 2034
  2. Malborough's Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement
  3. Malborough's Neighbourhood Plan Appendices
  4. Malborough's Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement
  5. Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report
  6. Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Malborough Neighbourhood Plan (Environmental Report)
  7. Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Malborough Neighbourhood Plan (Scoping Report)