Heart of the South Hams, Devon

Call for Sites

Malborough calls for potential development sites

Local land owners (small and large) and developers are being invited to suggest sites in the parish of Malborough that might be suitable for development. 

Malborough Parish is in the process of drafting its Neighbourhood Plan which will provide South Hams District Council with OUR views of what, how and if we want the village to develop over the next 20 years.  This plan will be a statutory planning document that must be taken account when deciding any future planning application.

We want land owners, developers and local community groups to have this opportunity to identify the most suitable sites.  There is an emphasis on providing for affordable housing but we are looking for sites suitable not only for 5-10 houses but also for smaller pockets of development for 1+ dwellings.

It is important to note that this review will also help identify suitable sites for employment and leisure within the Parish including a site suitable for local dog walkers to exercise their pooches, safely and off-lead, within the village environs.

The aim is to identify potential sites, whether previously considered or not, from which the most suitable for development can be chosen. We know that land is a precious resource and the local knowledge of people who live and work In Malborough will be crucial in helping to ensure that all potential, sustainable opportunities for development are considered.

This exercise complements and adds to the recent South Hams led initiative (the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, the SHLAA).  Sites submitted to the original SHLAA process can be re-submitted confirming their availability and any other change of detail.   Please note that that putting a site forward in this exercise does not automatically mean that it will be allocated or that its development will be supported.  However all suggestions will be considered.

The deadline for suggestions for suitable sites within Malborough Parish will be 4pm on Friday 8th May 2015.

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